PBS Ink & Toner Service

- Branded - Compatible & Remanufactured Inks & Toners
- Over 4000 SKUs from Toner to Inks to Ribbons
- Over 45,000 cartridges always in stock For Next Day Delivery
- Each Cartridge Individually print tested
- Comprehensive Warranty & Quality Control procedures(See Below)
- Simple , no quibble returns procedure

- Remanufactured & Patent Friendly Compatible Cartridges
- Dedicated Customer Service


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We Supply Inks & Toners For the Following Printers Plus Many More


Warranty Certificate

PBS warrants that each remanufactured and compatible cartridge sold are free of defects in design, assembly and workmanship during its useful life that is limited to a two year period from date of purchase.

PBS will replace any defective cartridge free of charge or provide credit/ refund. It is also warranted that under normal use and storage conditions our products are guaranteed to perform as well or better than the OEM product, that they will not cause damage, abnormal wear, or void the OEM warranty for the printer, facsimile machines or copier concerned. This warranty does not cover damage to the product or a printer/ copier caused by accident, abuse, excessive force, natural disaster, human error, unauthorised disassembly, repair or modification.

Should it be shown that a printer is damaged due to the use of a cartridge supplied by PBS, PBS will pay all remedial charges, including parts and labour charges, for the repair of parts or purchase of a replacement printer, with an invoice or receipt produced showing evidence of work undertaken, and subject to a proportionate discount being made to allow for age, and pre-damage condition of the machine.

PBS will commission an independent engineer to attend the printer concerned and pay all costs incurred by the engineer should it be the only reasonable solution to resolve the customer’s problem with said printer. This warranty is dependant upon the customer providing PBS with satisfactory evidence that the printer or copier failure was due to the defect in the cartridge supplied by PBS, including a written statement and report provided by an authorised service company and that no other non original manufacturer authorised products have been used.