Print Management:

  • We undertake to produce all printing requirements ranging from single colour business cards and compliment slips through to full colour process printing of brochures, continuous computer forms die stamping and thermography.
  • Our design studio can create, plan and produce all necessary origination with a professional flair.
  • Stock levels are continually monitored to ensure sufficient replenishment of printed items.
  • Commitment to reduce the problems of customers using their own valuable space on stock holding – addressed by agreeing minimum stock levels which are kept at PBSL’s warehouse for next day delivery.


Lithographic Print

Technology of applying ink to paper, litho printing achieves the sharpest definition. First class quality prints can be taken from each plate, making litho printing the preferred method for printing of brochures, books, stationery, leaflets and marketing materials. Consider further the prospect of adding metallic inks, varnishes and special pantone colours to further add impact to your print project.

Digital Print

This is a process whereby two sheets are printed using a combination of the specialist print processes available at PBS. These sheets are then duplexed together to give a most tactile and elegant feel that will add gravitas and impact to your printed products. This process is best suited for use with business cards and Invitations.

Large format Print

Our latest hi-spec large format printers mean that we can print any size of poster or board for pitches, Posters & presentations, trade shows, entrance halls or any other requirement you might have. Please see our your posters and banners will be high quality,Banners 'showcase' below to judge for yourselves.And as always, you can rest assured that  delivered very quickly, and at a surprisingly affordable cost.


Specialised Print:


Specialised Print

Aside from the standard print we also cater for hi-end print to make your print finish that little bit more special.

Thermographic Print

The thermographic process raises the lettering that is printed on the sheet. As the name suggests it’s a heat process that literally raises the lettering by baking the ink.Sometimes confused with embossing, thermography looks and feels like the now rarely used “die-stamped” print.

Duplex Print

This is a process whereby two sheets are printed using a combination of the specialist print processes available to us at PBS. The sheets are duplexed together to give a tactile and elegant feel that adds gravitas and impact to the printed product. This process is best suited for use with business cards and Invitations.

Embossed Print

Stamping/raising – This process raises the image from the sheet through the combination of a metal die and pressure being applied to the paper from the die.Lowering the image or “Debossing” is the same process but in reverse. A process called “Blind Embossing” is termed when the image is pressed without the use of another print process, creating a stamped image.Embossing is a tactile print process that gives an elegant effect. The most popular applications can be found on brochures, business cards, and invitations. The impact of embossing on a set of business stationery for example, can provide further elegance to the design.


High Quality Print:


Our workforce is highly skilled and can be called upon to provide technical advice to

ensure the best end product whether it’s producing business cards, brochures,

large format print through to packaging as typical examples of what we can


Our main focus is customer care and we can handle print projects of any capacity at

respectable prices.

 A Clients Comment

"I have worked alongside

Professional Business Supplies for nearly

two years now and found their

professionalism second to none. We receive

a lot of 11th hour requests here and they

are dealt with immediately. Having

someone personal to work alongside really

helps too."

Mark Stephenson